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There are escorts all over London, but many of the West End escorts come into a class of their own. West End escorts are not only stunning but most of them have some very special gifts they would like to share with you.

Escorts in this part of town are often in a league of their own. They love to have fun, and West End escorts can be a bit naughty as well.

Many of the girls have a lot of specialities, and here at the Better Sex offices we have spoken to some of the girls inĀ http://cityofeve.com/ilford-escorts.

Katrina from Norway

Katrina from Norway is a 6 foot leggy blonde. She specializes in Scandinavian style massages, and she really enjoys it. Katrina trained at a massage school in Oslo, and she has been practising massage now for over 10 years.

She says that many of the business men that she looks after suffer from stress. They are off one airplane, and on to the next one within a couple days. It can be both tiring for body and soul.

Katrina has some special tension relieving massage techniques, she likes to work and her favorite one is the Norwegian Viking massage. She starts by draping a fur over her massage table, and then helps to get comfortable. Heat is an important part of this massage, and she always wears a fur coat when doing the massage.

The massage ends with a tension relieving lower body massage, and she then lets her date relax. This is quite a different massage, and most escorts do not offer this particular type of massage.

Susanna from Croatia

Susanna from Croatia is a therapist from Split. She specializes in Roman bathing rituals and Roman massage. If, you have not tried a Roman massage and suffer a lot of tension, you should try one. They are very effective when it comes to dealing with different stress disorders.

Susanna says that she offers a special bath massage which means that she will climb in the bath with the date wearing her bikini. She places his head in between her breasts, and gently massages in the nice warm bath.

She points out that this is a very comforting massage, so if you are stressed from a long day’s hard work, this massage might be the one for you.

Not all escorts in the West End are exotic foreign imports, but many of them are from different countries. All of the girls like to offer a speciality treatment from their own country, and there are even Japanese massages available in the West End of London now.

Japanese escorts, or geishas, are increasingly sought after and to get a date with one, you need to make your arrangements early. Most of the escorts offer an online booking service, and of course there is always a number that you can call.

If, you are coming on a special trip to London, it could be a good idea to try to reserve a date at least a couple of weeks before your intended arrival when you are looking for something special.

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